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"Problem Dogs, Lost or Stray Dogs are the legal responsibility of your Local Authority. Please contact your local authority if you have a complaint or concern over a problem dog, stray dog or lost dog as dogs of this nature are entrusted by them to local dog pounds.  The dogs featured on this page have been rescued by the RSPCA for various other reasons ranging from animal cruelty/welfare to bereavement of theprevious owner. "

Welcome To our Dogs Sponsorship Page

We regularly have a number of rescue dogs awaiting a new home. New dogs come in to us all the time and we try to keep the website up to date to allow the dogs to be rehomed as soon as possible.

If you would like details of any of the dogs we have for rehoming please contact Bonnie on 07749 175023.

Thank you for taking the time to consider us.


Trigger ### RESERVED '######

### RESERVED '######
Ok, I'm not a lap dog, but you know, if there's one going I'm going to sit on it!

Meet Trigger, a 5/6 year old male Mastiff X (poss Great Dane) who is looking for a new home. Max was signed to us as he was living in the garden as he and the other resident entire male were fighting over the resident bitch who was in season

Trigger is a great guy, friendly with everyone at the kennels and all the workmen who are building at kennels at the moment. He doesn't seem phased by much!

We will be assessing him further over the coming days and he is booked in for his castrate Monday, (sorry big guy!) He weighs in at 52kg and is a little underweight.

To apply to adopt please call 07749 175023

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